Our Instructors

The Sackville Shotokan Karate instructors are certified with the International Karate Daigaku. They each have over 15 years of experience as instructors and more than 20 years of karate training each.

During their many years of training, they have both trained with many World reknowned Karate Masters including; Legendary Japanese Masters Teruyuki Okazaki, Yutaka Yaguchi and Shojiro Koyama. 

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Sensei Norm Robitza

Sensei Norm Robitza, 5th Dan

Chief Instructor - Sackville Shotokan Karate

Sensei Jolene Robitza

Sensei Jolene Robitza, 3rd Dan

Instructor - Sackville Shotokan Karate

MTA Karate Club President

Sackville Shotokan Karate operates as a Mount Allison Club. The MTA Karate Club President organizes club events and acts as the liason between the club and the University.

President Emily Clark

Emily Clark, 1st Dan

MTA Club President

Past Presidents
  • Shawn Levering (2018-2019)
  • Laurabeth Gill (2017-2018)
  • Jonathan Bradet Legris
  • Andrew Wilcox
  • Kristie Duncan
  • Kaleigh Campbell-Wakaluk
  • Helena Van Tol
  • Katie McKeown
  • Sensei Norm Robitza (2002 – 2006)