Shotokan Karate
Japanese Art of Self Defense
Age Friendly
Classes available for ages 10 to 110.
Non Competitve
We focus on Budo Karate. Which means your only competition is yourself.

Our Services

Quality Instruction

Certified Instructors

Our instructors have been teaching karate for over 17 years. The Chief Instructor is a graduate of the IKD Instructors Program.

Gradings & Clinics

Our club attends two grading clinics each year. Each clinic is conducted but Internationally rank masters.

Global Membership

Sackville Shotokan Karate is a member of the Maritime IKD and the International Karate Daigaku.


Karate Events

Clinics & Gradings
Clinics & Gradings

The Maritime IKD hosts two annual grading clinics in January & June. These events are conducted by Internationally ranked Masters.

IKD World Camp
IKD World Camp

The annual IKD World Camp is a 4 day event held in Ontario. It is attended by karateka of all ages & ranks from around the World.


We teach Budo karate which focuses on personal development. There are a limited number of Regional, National and International events.

Self Defense/Weapons
Self Defense/Weapons

On occasion special classes will be offered for practical self defense. Also occasional classes in weapons including bo staff, tonfa and sai.